Lotos MIG 175

Lotos MIG 175

As a business entrepreneur, you may look for a welder to fulfill the welding demand occur in your business. Whatever the welding demand raise for your industrial machine repairing work, auto body shaping and so on. But still, you searching a dynamic MIG welder which has the capability to weld almost any metal thick or thin and at the same time cost effective as compared to its similar class. Yes, to fulfill your demand LOTOs technology made a welder called Lotos MIG 175, which comes with a free spool gun. At the same time, it has the ability to weld metal like Mild steel, stainless steel, thin aluminum and so on. Basically, this MIG welding machine specially made for flux cored welding work. So, if you think about versatile welder machine you can undoubtedly buy this best MIG welder, which has the highest transferability to anywhere you want.

Let’s go to analyze some of the features of this cheap MIG welder with the highest capability:

Comes with ready spool gun: this one of the most cost and time effective feature from the Best 220V MIG Welders. This feature allows to save you time and cost. At the same time, it increases your capability to working flux cored welding work. its ensure the impurities of wire feeds, flux cored and the argon gas traps. Which leads to exclusively single pass flux cored welding and scan by x-ray with flying color.

Lightweight machine than similar class:

It is a lightweight machine allows you to transform anywhere your welding projects are. It is also a small MIG welder allows you to carry in the trunk of your small vehicle. For that small size of dynamic small welder also save your working space.

Duty cycle with lower amps:

It is the best welding machine has the maximum duty cycle of 30 percent on the power amps 135A and 20 percent on 175A. The flexibility of amps is 30 to 175 A which is the proven feature of the capability this welder has.

Welding capability of thick and thin metal:

This tech machine has the capability of welding 18 gauge to ¼ inch steel and aluminum welding capability is 1/8 inch thicker or thin aluminum with the highest ratio of welding performance.


Automatic dual frequency 50/60 HZ:

The electric power input flexibility starts from 200 volts to 240 volts including automatic dual frequency ration of 50/60 HZ. Most interesting feature on power setting is this best technology welding machine support both the AC and DC power.

Wire speed control and separate unstoppable voltage system:

Both the feature ensures the highest arc performance without facing any kind hassle.

Steel gas supply makes for environmental safety:

220v MIG welder support clean, dry and oil-free gas cylinder with the 25 percent ratio of carbon dioxide and 75 percent of argon Mixture.

The cheap MIG welder with highest welding capability:

As we said before this is the best cost effective MIG welder now we give you a comparative analytical answer how it is cheap but highest capability welder? Yes, Buddy most of the time we see that cheap MIG welder have that welding capability but not at the highest in real work. But manufacturer made this machine with some gorgeous feature to ensure the highest performance of any welding work. Basically, the maximum cheap welder is not capable to work on the thin aluminum pipe like the bicycle frame. But this Lotos MIG 175 has that supportive feature to weld like aluminum used for the bicycle frame.

Benefits of the Best 220V MIG:

Lotos MIG 175 has the advanced transformation technology increase the greater reliability and performance stability during welding work. So, you don’t have to worry about the quality arc performance from this dynamic MIG Tech machine.

Versatility and portability:

At the very first moment, we can say that LOTOs MIG 175 is a versatile welder ever has the capability to weld almost any metal like aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel and so on. At the same time for this portable MIG welder lightweight version this the MIG welder allow you to transfer anywhere you want to do your welding work done.

Built-in spool gun raises your capacity weld thin aluminum and other thin metal in a single pass. Also, this cheap MIG welder decreases your cost by including this spool gun. Otherwise, you have to buy a unit spool gun to do aluminum welding.

It has a temperature controller to overload breaker. This overload breaker saves your machine from irregular electricity voltage instability. At the same time, its controlling of temperature facility ensure the safety from overheating problem.

To save the wire feeder motor this wire feed welder has the two automatic circuit protection facility with designed to protect your feeder motor from unexpected electricity passing problem.

This welder also able to handle industrial 4 inches to 6-inch wire spools, which proved the matter of this welder capability to weld on industrial welding work.

Limitations of MIG welding machine:

MIG welding gas only supports only argon cylinder, in case of unavailability of argon you will face little problem regarding the welding time. But without any unfortunate reasons, argon cylinder is always available.

Lotos MIG 175 welder is the best welder to choose for DIY a project welding guys but not suitable for production line welding.

During the welding sometimes user said that the welder row sometimes broke. But there is a solution which said from company person and it is true indeed. Their very first in the delivery of replacement product and at the same time too much patient about to solve this issue solved.


Q: Is this welder able to weld 2-inch steel to make custom off road bumper?

Answer: Yes, this is the welder which is capable to weld on 2-inch steel so don’t worry, you can get the better performance during welding work on custom off road bumper.

Q: will this machine capable to weld 6 mm aluminum palates?

Answer: NO, this machine is not capable to weld 6mm aluminum palates.

Q: Can this machine support by the generator?

Answer: 6500-watt generator will be suitable for The Best 220V Mig Welders machine.


Normally, when a new device comes to the market people have the fear to buy that device with some question in mind, is this machine work well? The performance of this machine is good enough? These question actually confuse people and raise fear to buy a new device. But our Lotos MIG 175 is the machine, you can buy without fear to fulfill your welding demand. This small MIG welder is user-friendly and at the same time, the lower weighted machine allows you to the flexibility of transformation. On the other hand, this dynamic MIG welder comes built-in spool gun to weld aluminum thin metal. MIG welding gas helps to get the highest performance from arc welding. So, analyzing all the aspects, Lotos MIG 175 is the best welder machine to get better welding performance whatever it is in industrial repairing weld work or your DIY projects.